Stewart Copeland


A drummer? What’s he doing here? I think the answer to that is that I, like many other guitarists out there, are actually frustrated drummers. I am always tapping on something, hell I even clack my teeth together to the beat of the song that’s playing in my head (and I have music in my head all day). OK, back to Stewart Copeland… it’s not like he’s some hidden genius like the ones people roll out when they want you to think that they know so much more than you do about something because you only know the big names. Stewart hit the big time as big as you can hit it with The Police. Right time, right place, right people, it happens and I’m glad it did because if he served out his career with Curved Air, I doubt whether I’d even know who he was, let alone appreciate his drumming. Sting’s writing was a perfect vehicle for Stewart’s drumming to reach the masses like me and yet still allow him to display his profound talents. He’s one of the unique people that can create something extremely popular and accessible and still have it be artistically deep and complex. He can be playing simple time and you can pick him straight away, there is just something very special about his drumming. Best drumming moment: 2:51 in “Every little thing she does is magic”. After all these years, it still get’s me every single time.